Thursday, April 7, 2011

" Cookies "

This is my 2 sweet nieces.  My little Sisters Girls.  I made sugar cookies for them to decorate .  This was so much fun.  I want to invest lots of time in these little women.     When I was growing up children were to be seen not heard.    I want my Daughter and Nieces to know how important they are .  I also want them to feel special and loved always .  So  we ( me and my Nut Case of a Sister) are going to make it a point to plan out fun days just for them.  We are looking through lots of blogs and websites for ideas.   

Hadyn looks so serious.


  1. Hayden's face in these photo's is priceless!!! You are an awesome mom to make a point of making such great memories with her!

  2. Awe you are making me miss Idaho. I wanna come play too! Wish me and Bents could come join the fun. Those are some lucky little ladies. You and Sarahita are the BEST! :)