Wednesday, March 30, 2011

" UFC Season 13 "HOORAY !!!

I Love UFC !!!
 Ok here we go ..It starts tonight on Spike.   The newest season of " The Ultimate Fighter . This is Season 13.  Its 14 welterwights battling for a 6 figure contract with Dana White.  Each fighter must be at  21 years old and have at least 3 professional fights under their belt if they hope to make the cast and spend 6 weeks in the house.

Now let me tell you a little about the fighters .  Its Brock Lesnar . He is awesome. Yes he did lose his last fight but its because he was very sick right before that fight . I dont think he had enough time to get better.  His record 5-2-0 (win-loss-draw).   He is 6'3 264 lbs.  He wrestled all through high school years with a record 33-0 in his senior year and college record of 56-3.   I predict he will be a great coach and will win his fight againt Juniour Dos Sanos.
They say Dos Santos is a knockout specialist.  He has not lost in over 3 years . He is undefeated since joining Ufc in 2008.  I am not worried one bit :)

On June 11th  Lesnar and Dos Santos will fight each other at Ufc 113 in Vancouver , British Columbia.  This fight will be an elimination bout , with the winner moving on to challenge Cain Velasquez for the heavy weight title. So Lesnar needs to win this so he can get his title back from Velasquez.   I really think he can do this.
Here he fought Frank Mir and won.  This was hard for me to watch because they both are my favorites.

Number #1 ---Go Brock 
Have I mentioned that

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Combing Her Hair"

Some of my favorite times is brushing and fixing this little girls hair.  She is so sweet.  Going from 2 teenage boys to girl is so much fun. A  different kinda fun that I never thought  was possible .

She kept trying to grab the water bottle and squirt me with it .

All finished and ready for whatever the day brings.

Friday, March 25, 2011

" I Am Pregnant---Well Kinda ? "

Let me explain. I love love kids. It took us years to get pregnant with my boys and 3 years and lots of fertility drugs to get pregnant with our girl. I desperatly want another baby. Well back in Feb. I heard of a couple who were looking for a home their baby when its born . I sent her a text letting her know we were interested and to maybe keep us in mind. We had never met before . So on the 27th we met her and her boyfriend for dinner and long story short a week went by and she let us know that they want us to adopt their BABY !!! 

Can you see how excited I am !!!!
 Please please pray for us. Adoption is very scary. We are scrammbling to get our adoption papers finalized. And the cost of a lawyer is scary too.Please pray that the money will work its way  out  . We want this baby so so bad. I hope it all goes through. There of course is always the chance of the birth parents changing their minds. I mean who knows how she will feel once she has given birth. She is due in August. Same month as our daughter. I am trying to not get to overly emotional but its so hard.This girl and her boyfriend are sweet people and they need prayer to. What a hard decision for them.
 If anyone has ever adopted I would love love to hear from you. Advice is welcome:))
 I will keep you updated as we go :))

Thursday, March 24, 2011

" Shaved Cat"

This is Bo's Baby . His cat Smokey. Dont get me wrong I do like her sorta but that long hair is outta control. I cannot stand to find cat hair in my house. So I called a gal that lives in my town who does grooming and she got this cat in right away ..Can you tell Bo is so excited about taking her in ?? Crazy Kid


Doesnt she look great. She is so clean and feels great.
Bo says she is embaressed now. I love it
Does anyones else have their cat shaved???

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


She loves her Brother so much. She wants to be right by him all the time.
Hadyn 19 Months 
Bo 16 1/2 years 

She was trying to feed him. All he could do was laugh.

Friday, March 18, 2011

" Sisters"

This is my Sister Sarah and My Sister in-law Jaime.
They are such great Sisters. I love them both so much. We had way to much fun on this night. It was a while ago but I have been looking through all my pictures and this one is special.
My Sister in-law is so sweet and very pretty  . She is really fun to be around. I am so glad my Brother married such an awesome person . We get along great. I would do anything for her.
Then there is the  NUT BAG of a girl  that I call my Sister. She is a Pistol. Very Blunt . I swear she has A.D.D. She is awesome to . We have the best time together. She is my Best Friend. So glad I have her in my life.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Happy St. Patties"

 I was going through old pictures and I came across these 2 .This picture was about 7 years ago. I love it. It makes me smile. The boys always loved to go farming with their Dad and now they are his right hand men. They work so hard in the summer. I am kinda starting to get sad since summer is coming so fast I dont get to see alot of these 3 .But I am so proud of their work ethic. Hard Working Boys.

In this picture my Girl was only 4 months old... She is so so Sweet . She is talking so much now. Her appetite has me a bit nervous these days. Some days she hardly eats anything it seems then the next time its all good. I am trying to get more creative on different foods for her. What she used to like she no longer does. Wish me Luck..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"More Birthday Pictures"

Here is a couple more pics of my B-Day. It was a great day . I got very spoiled. Thank  Goodness for such a Great Family..

I unwrapped my present . New P.J's  and she just carried them all over .. It was the cutest thing.
I love my new flip flops .  My Mom gave them to me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

" I am Old"

Yup , I am old. I just turned 29 again. When they were singing me Happy Birthday she was so funny . She could'nt figure out was what was going on. Terry ordered me my favorite cake and surprised me. Its chocolate with choc fudge in the middle and whip cream frosting..  My Family came over and helped celebrate. My Mom brought pizza . It was alot of fun. Here are a few Pictures and I will post more tomorrow :-))))

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Wednesday Date"

This is my Happy Face...We got to go out and eat together with no kiddos.

This is My  " Did You Just Say That To My Face ??" face..
 I am a Nut :))

Monday, March 7, 2011

"Bows and Pickles"

This is one of the dresses I bought the other day.. I love it. I made the hair bows to match.

My Sweet Girl.

I love this picture of my Sister. I think she looks
so  Pretty.

This Baby loves pickles..Look she is 2 fisting it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Hanging up Pictures"

We finally decided what pictures I wanted along the stairs .My Sister came over and helped .  My Wonderful Honey does'nt like heights . He made this Redneck ladder/step .It was a great idea .
Its a long ways down.
Almost finished.
The end result, I love how it turned out.

Friday, March 4, 2011

"Baby Girl"

This is another one of her shirts that I sewed for her. Its from the same pattern. I think in this picture she looks so much like me. I love love this baby.
 Hadyn 1 year and 7 months old.

We were at the store and we saw my Sister so she came over and said Hi to us.

She is so funny . She refuses to look at the camera .
 My Sweet Girl ..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Sticker and Bling Bling Shoes"

Ter took Treg and Hadyn to the D.M.V. today and they gave Hadyn a sticker.
 She put it on her head. She is a Hoot :)

So proud of her sticker .

Hadyn and Treg this morning.

See her cute little shoes and her new Dora t-shirt.
 The yellow flower in her hair is one of the ones
 I made out of silk at Christmas time.

She is calling me at work  to tell on her Big Brothers who put a sticker on her head. I am so lucky every since I went back to work after I had her Ter has watched her. I didnt want to take her to daycare so my wonderful Husband takes great care of her so I can work a few days a week.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Waiting for Dad "

Its 5:30 dinner is cooked just waiting for Dad to get home . So I went around to see what the kids are doing and I snapped these pictures.
Here is Bo . I love his guitar. He has such a natural talent , never had one lesson and can play anything.

This speaks for itself. This is Treg . He was working out and lifting weights. I love his dedication . He lifts weights about 6 days a week.

The Princess. Watching "Dora the Explorer" Gotta love her dedication too :)

I picked up these 2 spring dresses from a kids only clothing 2nd hand store . They were $3.50 a piece. She is growing so fast and seems to only wear things a few times so I love this store. Are'nt they so cute ??

My Mom bought me and Hadyn a new diaper bag .She outgrew her small bag. But the shoes were also from the same store as the dresses. I love the bling bling.