Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yup there is a Goat living in my house"

I have truly lost my mind.  There is my oldest son with his pet goat .  Both living in my house.

It was born a triplet and the Momma  didnt want anything to do with him and would'nt feed him .  So of course everybody knows Bo loves animals .  We got him when he was a about 10 hours old.   He is loving this little goat and bottle feeding it 4 times a day .   It follows him everywhere.   We put a diaper on it and it has free reign of the house.

I love my girls smile here.  So sweet

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation 2012

It came and went so so fast.  My Baby graduated.   It was such a good day.  I really did'nt think I would cry but oh my HELL did I ever.  I am so proud of him .  He is such an awesome Son.

The little gal on the right requested to walk with Bo.  She is autistic and only wanted to walk down with him.  She was so cute.  She kept  her arm around Bo even when they got back to their seats.  Then she decided that they should hold hands so thats what she did .  My good Boy just sat there and held her cute litlle hand.   He has such a big heart. 

I love this picture.  Look at her just holding on .  When they sat down Bo moved her tassle for her.  She didnt want to let go to do it I guess :-)

 Me a very Proud Momma..
Waiting for the gym to fill up with all the other proud parents.

Thank goodness for big brother .. Keeping him happy while we watch the graduation