Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movies And A Few More Christmas

Treg, Terry and Me. I love this  movie . Bo did"nt want to see this one . He missed out.
I really liked this show. I love these types of movies like  Harry Potter , Lord of the Rings. Ter and Treg thought it was slow . It was fine with me . Yes Sir :)

I love 3D movies. And you gotta love the glasses.
Here is my Nutty Sister Sarah and Me.

We got to get away with no kids a few days before Christmas to eat dinner and last minute shopping. Here with my homemade headband from Kelly. I love these things. I'm telling ya you could get your hair done in 5 minutes.

My Christmas Kiddos.. And yes Treg does smile, I guess he is  on a kick these days with just this same expression . Teenagers ????

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Eve

Stevenson"s 2010 Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve we have a pajama party at my Sister"s house . We eat such great food and enjoy each others company.

The Stevenson Men. I love these guys so much

This is my beautiful babies 2nd Christmas Eve .

This is my Cousin Amber's baby Bentley. She is 9 months . On Christmas Eve I whipped up these cute matching bibs then I used my embrodery machine and put their names on them.

This is my Sister Sarah . She is a BIGGER NUT than me.See what I mean.
This is my Nutty Sister and my Cute cousin Amber . Amber lives in Florida

Everybody thinks my Baby and my niece look alike.?? .

My 2 nieces Savana and Bynlee. Here she is running off. She is so funny. Does'nt ever sit still

The Teenagers " This is my sisters boy Braeden. He is just a couple months younger than my Treg

  Gotta love the food .. Its the best part -- Turkey and Prime Rib

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is my Sweet friend Amy . We met her and her family through motorcross racing. I have been coloring and cutting her hair for a few years now .She changes it up every now and then. So now she has 5 colors in her hair and its super cute.  She is so pretty . Inside and out. Yes Amy I totally stole this pic off  your facebook :)

This is the side view of her hair.
Treg has'nt done any shopping yet. Just like me wait till the end. So here we go. Hadyn loves her babies . She does'nt call it baby its always " Babies". I love looking back and seeing all 3 of my Babies.
My Santa Baby :)  He got this wreath the other when he went Christmas shopping  and the hat to.  He is so funny. He keeps saying be nice I have all my reciepts for all your gifts.

On our way to Christmas shop again. Nothing like the last minute..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pig Tails and Pizza

I love love this picture . She is such a character. I trimmed her bangs the other day . This is the 2nd time I have done it. My Baby has Pig Tails . I cant believe how fast she is growing. I am surprised she left them in all day to. Today My Baby is 16 months old . She wears size 4 shoes and size 3 diapers.

Here is a side view of her pig tails. I love them . It makes me sad how fast she is growing . My baby is a toddler.

It is so hard to get a picture of her these days . She is a mover thats for sure. I love how you can see her teeth though.

I love making pizza at home . to me its so easy . This fall I canned some homemade pizza sauce . It came out a little runny but it cooks up great.  I also like the Jiffy pizza dough . It only cost .52 a box . Bo loves onions and bell peppers and Treg hates them so they only go on half .

Ha HA--Don't they look so excited. I love these people very very much.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hair Do and Christmas Outfit

I love this Outfit . Its from Peaches and Cream. Dressing up a baby girl is so FUN. She has the cutest clothes. She didnt want to stand still for a pic so this is as good as it gets.I made her bow . I am so grateful the Lord has blessed me and Ter with 3 healthy great kiddos. My biggest thing in life is to be a Good Mom and that my babies will know how my I love them and enjoy getting to be around them and raising them.
She loves pickles and lemons. My Favs too.

I love this little girl so much..She is a character. Her new thing is saying "Whats that" about everything . So so cute

 Dont you love my set up ..I got this dryer at an estate sale for a dollar . It was brand new. I wanted to be by the computer so this is what I came up with. Told you I am a nut.

I gotta have something to do while getting the Do done ..

This just cracks me up .. So I had to rinse my hair cause some of the ends were frying. Then I needed to go back and pick out the brassy ones and re-bleach. Its a good thing Ter was willing to help this ole witch out..


I love how serious he is.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Look What I Got

This is such a great color . My wonderful friend
Kelly  makes these and sells them at the Salon. She is such a great person..  I was having a So So day and these little gifts just gave me a pick me up .
Here is another great gift I got . Its from one of my clients/friend Roxanne . Is'nt it so cute . I love anything monogrammed and it will be perfect in my house. She is such a sweetheart.

Just sitting around reading a good book ...


I am so happy she likes books . I am always reading. I love autobiographys and true stories  the best.

I love how much hair my girl has. She has such nice curl too and she lets me do fun stuff with it :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Old Pictures of the Kids

This one makes me laugh . Look at how our arms are folded.

This pic is Nov 2009 . Bo kept telling Hadyn she had stinky feet and being the good little girl she is  she just shoved them right in his face. In this picture she looks more like Bo. He loves her and always carrys her around its so cute.

This picture was taken in Dec. 2009 but I just love how sweet it is. My boys love this little girl so much. Treg was 13 when Hadyn was born so there is a distance there but you would never know because he is just as much involved with her as he is his big brother. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Put the bulbs back on the tree - UFC Results

As I was taking her pictures she walked right up and took these off the tree. I told her to put them back , (thank goodness for plastic)


To my surprise she put them back . I expected her to chuck them across the room after all they do like a fun play ball.

This is last years Christmas Picture. The boys look so young. She is wearing the same dress only now it fits as a shirt I love how she can wear it over and over

The Loser -- Hee Hee need I say more

As I predicated -Winner UFC 124

Saturday, December 11, 2010

6 Teenagers in the house and UFC fight night"

Ok here we go , Yeah Yeah . Tonight is UFC 124  and one of my other Favs is gonna win George aka GSP. He is such a smart fighter and very humble . I am  on his side . The other guy on the other hand is a loud mouth jerk . I gotta hand it to him though he does fight good. Through the whole season of " Ultimate Fighter  he was just arrogant and just plain stupid. Trash talked the whole time. I will be glued to the T.V. tonight. I LOVE LOVE UFC
These kids have all been friends since pre-school.We really enjoy having them all at our house.They try to be good until about 10:30 then for some reason they all get super hyper and wanna have wrestling/ufc in our living room. Probably my fault . All that sugar. I wouldnt change them for nothing.
Country Boys . They are eating sunflower seeds :) . At least they all have their own cup so I dont find shells all over the floor
These are the snacks I set out for them . Teenage boys eat alot
Yummy No-Bake , these are so easy to make. They didnt last long

Velvetta cheese , I cut it in small pieces otherwise it doesnt melt . And of course chili and homemade canned salsa. I made this for them so right after school they can eat. I remember coming home from school starving

I used to like monopoly until I played with cheaters--my Brother and Sister