Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is my Sweet friend Amy . We met her and her family through motorcross racing. I have been coloring and cutting her hair for a few years now .She changes it up every now and then. So now she has 5 colors in her hair and its super cute.  She is so pretty . Inside and out. Yes Amy I totally stole this pic off  your facebook :)

This is the side view of her hair.
Treg has'nt done any shopping yet. Just like me wait till the end. So here we go. Hadyn loves her babies . She does'nt call it baby its always " Babies". I love looking back and seeing all 3 of my Babies.
My Santa Baby :)  He got this wreath the other when he went Christmas shopping  and the hat to.  He is so funny. He keeps saying be nice I have all my reciepts for all your gifts.

On our way to Christmas shop again. Nothing like the last minute..

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  1. You're such a good sport. Shopping on the 23rd is brutal.
    Amy is darling, you are perfect for those styles. Edgy is your forte.:)