Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movies And A Few More Christmas

Treg, Terry and Me. I love this  movie . Bo did"nt want to see this one . He missed out.
I really liked this show. I love these types of movies like  Harry Potter , Lord of the Rings. Ter and Treg thought it was slow . It was fine with me . Yes Sir :)

I love 3D movies. And you gotta love the glasses.
Here is my Nutty Sister Sarah and Me.

We got to get away with no kids a few days before Christmas to eat dinner and last minute shopping. Here with my homemade headband from Kelly. I love these things. I'm telling ya you could get your hair done in 5 minutes.

My Christmas Kiddos.. And yes Treg does smile, I guess he is  on a kick these days with just this same expression . Teenagers ????

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