Saturday, December 11, 2010

6 Teenagers in the house and UFC fight night"

Ok here we go , Yeah Yeah . Tonight is UFC 124  and one of my other Favs is gonna win George aka GSP. He is such a smart fighter and very humble . I am  on his side . The other guy on the other hand is a loud mouth jerk . I gotta hand it to him though he does fight good. Through the whole season of " Ultimate Fighter  he was just arrogant and just plain stupid. Trash talked the whole time. I will be glued to the T.V. tonight. I LOVE LOVE UFC
These kids have all been friends since pre-school.We really enjoy having them all at our house.They try to be good until about 10:30 then for some reason they all get super hyper and wanna have wrestling/ufc in our living room. Probably my fault . All that sugar. I wouldnt change them for nothing.
Country Boys . They are eating sunflower seeds :) . At least they all have their own cup so I dont find shells all over the floor
These are the snacks I set out for them . Teenage boys eat alot
Yummy No-Bake , these are so easy to make. They didnt last long

Velvetta cheese , I cut it in small pieces otherwise it doesnt melt . And of course chili and homemade canned salsa. I made this for them so right after school they can eat. I remember coming home from school starving

I used to like monopoly until I played with cheaters--my Brother and Sister

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  1. You're the best mom! This looks yummy, and we all know when it comes to boys it's all about the food. You need to post your no bake recipe, yours are super good!