Thursday, December 9, 2010

My 3rd Baby (Its A GIRL) --Random Pictures

This is my Hadyn Sky . She was born in August and is 16 months old . We had 3 miscarriages before we finally got her . We wanted her so bad . We did a couple rounds of fertility pills and we were in the process of adoption when we found out we were pregnant . I am so grateful the Lord had mercy on my body and let me carry her to full term . She was 5 lbs 7 oz.  She loves Dora , pudding , her babies , and loves to dance . She calls me MAMA . I LOVE IT.

This was her at 5 days old . Yes she has socks on her hands . She kept scratching her face
Here i am 8 1/2 months  pregnant with my baby girl . I was lucky because the summer never go to hot.
This was last year Dec.2009 I love pictures of the boys  with Hadyn . They love her and spoil her so much.
Are We board ?  No like I said I am a Nut  , well so are my kids :) I love this Pic

Here is our Christmas gift tags this year . I love how they turned out. You can order them from Wallie World


  1. LOVE IT ALL!!! Blogs are my favorite because I am so far away it is so nice to see pictures :). I can't believe how big all your babies have gotten. Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks. :)

  2. Nice to meet you! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I don't know many other hairdressers who blog. But, I follow 2 here in Arkansas. One is Julee Tuner and the other is Laura Gunnels (she works with me) at "knick knacks of my little life" (you can find them on my blog, I follow them both).

    You have a beautiful family. Merry Christmas!