Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Eve

Stevenson"s 2010 Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve we have a pajama party at my Sister"s house . We eat such great food and enjoy each others company.

The Stevenson Men. I love these guys so much

This is my beautiful babies 2nd Christmas Eve .

This is my Cousin Amber's baby Bentley. She is 9 months . On Christmas Eve I whipped up these cute matching bibs then I used my embrodery machine and put their names on them.

This is my Sister Sarah . She is a BIGGER NUT than me.See what I mean.
This is my Nutty Sister and my Cute cousin Amber . Amber lives in Florida

Everybody thinks my Baby and my niece look alike.?? .

My 2 nieces Savana and Bynlee. Here she is running off. She is so funny. Does'nt ever sit still

The Teenagers " This is my sisters boy Braeden. He is just a couple months younger than my Treg

  Gotta love the food .. Its the best part -- Turkey and Prime Rib

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