Wednesday, March 30, 2011

" UFC Season 13 "HOORAY !!!

I Love UFC !!!
 Ok here we go ..It starts tonight on Spike.   The newest season of " The Ultimate Fighter . This is Season 13.  Its 14 welterwights battling for a 6 figure contract with Dana White.  Each fighter must be at  21 years old and have at least 3 professional fights under their belt if they hope to make the cast and spend 6 weeks in the house.

Now let me tell you a little about the fighters .  Its Brock Lesnar . He is awesome. Yes he did lose his last fight but its because he was very sick right before that fight . I dont think he had enough time to get better.  His record 5-2-0 (win-loss-draw).   He is 6'3 264 lbs.  He wrestled all through high school years with a record 33-0 in his senior year and college record of 56-3.   I predict he will be a great coach and will win his fight againt Juniour Dos Sanos.
They say Dos Santos is a knockout specialist.  He has not lost in over 3 years . He is undefeated since joining Ufc in 2008.  I am not worried one bit :)

On June 11th  Lesnar and Dos Santos will fight each other at Ufc 113 in Vancouver , British Columbia.  This fight will be an elimination bout , with the winner moving on to challenge Cain Velasquez for the heavy weight title. So Lesnar needs to win this so he can get his title back from Velasquez.   I really think he can do this.
Here he fought Frank Mir and won.  This was hard for me to watch because they both are my favorites.

Number #1 ---Go Brock 
Have I mentioned that

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  1. I have never watched this sport!! They do look tough though!