Friday, March 25, 2011

" I Am Pregnant---Well Kinda ? "

Let me explain. I love love kids. It took us years to get pregnant with my boys and 3 years and lots of fertility drugs to get pregnant with our girl. I desperatly want another baby. Well back in Feb. I heard of a couple who were looking for a home their baby when its born . I sent her a text letting her know we were interested and to maybe keep us in mind. We had never met before . So on the 27th we met her and her boyfriend for dinner and long story short a week went by and she let us know that they want us to adopt their BABY !!! 

Can you see how excited I am !!!!
 Please please pray for us. Adoption is very scary. We are scrammbling to get our adoption papers finalized. And the cost of a lawyer is scary too.Please pray that the money will work its way  out  . We want this baby so so bad. I hope it all goes through. There of course is always the chance of the birth parents changing their minds. I mean who knows how she will feel once she has given birth. She is due in August. Same month as our daughter. I am trying to not get to overly emotional but its so hard.This girl and her boyfriend are sweet people and they need prayer to. What a hard decision for them.
 If anyone has ever adopted I would love love to hear from you. Advice is welcome:))
 I will keep you updated as we go :))

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