Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Waiting for Dad "

Its 5:30 dinner is cooked just waiting for Dad to get home . So I went around to see what the kids are doing and I snapped these pictures.
Here is Bo . I love his guitar. He has such a natural talent , never had one lesson and can play anything.

This speaks for itself. This is Treg . He was working out and lifting weights. I love his dedication . He lifts weights about 6 days a week.

The Princess. Watching "Dora the Explorer" Gotta love her dedication too :)

I picked up these 2 spring dresses from a kids only clothing 2nd hand store . They were $3.50 a piece. She is growing so fast and seems to only wear things a few times so I love this store. Are'nt they so cute ??

My Mom bought me and Hadyn a new diaper bag .She outgrew her small bag. But the shoes were also from the same store as the dresses. I love the bling bling.

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