Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Sticker and Bling Bling Shoes"

Ter took Treg and Hadyn to the D.M.V. today and they gave Hadyn a sticker.
 She put it on her head. She is a Hoot :)

So proud of her sticker .

Hadyn and Treg this morning.

See her cute little shoes and her new Dora t-shirt.
 The yellow flower in her hair is one of the ones
 I made out of silk at Christmas time.

She is calling me at work  to tell on her Big Brothers who put a sticker on her head. I am so lucky every since I went back to work after I had her Ter has watched her. I didnt want to take her to daycare so my wonderful Husband takes great care of her so I can work a few days a week.

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