Sunday, July 17, 2011

" My Men "

The Men in my Family have been MIA.  This is why.  They work up anywhere from 15-20 hours straight.   For days on end.   I love the Farming life but sometimes it is lonely .  I miss them so much.   It lasts from around April to Oct.   Then  its just shop work.  This is when we get to Vaca ,  Spend all day in our pajamas . I love it 

This made me smile.  Ter and his brother havent seen each other in about 10 days .  Well that might not seem long to others but  they are partners in the Farming/Custom Farming business.  They do talk on the phone a hundred times a day to touch base .   Anyways I went out to the garage and there they were visting.  I love that Ter and Josh are so close.  The boys love there Uncle too.  Can you tell we are definitly a bunch of "HICKS".    The dirty garage , the ole farm dog ,  a cooler for a chair, The hideous green chair that were purchased at a yard sale.

My Babe.  Love the hole in the jeans .. LOL

 My Oldest Baby

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