Wednesday, May 4, 2011

" Bling strands"

Have you heard of this yet ??   It is so neat.  Its call Bling Strands but I have also  heard it called Tinsle Hair.   It  takes seconds to put each strand in  and it comes in lots of great colors.  The coolest thing is you can flat iron and curl your hair with them in.  Last up to 3 weeks .   I am loving these.

 I dont have the best pic .  It was dark . This is my Niece Kynlee .  She lets me practice .  Scroll down to the next couple you can see them better.

 So cute .


  1. Brecken and I were just checking these out and think they look really fun. Are they hard to put in?? Kynlee looks cute with them. Now you need to do Hayden's. :)

  2. There was a lady at church who had these in her hair and I kept staring at her because it was like not long after new years and I kept thinking that she had some tinsel in her hair from a party or something. I kept thinking maybe she had a few to many and got tangled up in the decorations LOL.