Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Birthday Fun "

Its your Birthday !!
  He is the most handsome ,  kind ,  humble , wonderful husband and father ever .  I am so Lucky .  We went out with some great friends and had way too much fun.

This is me and my Babe before we left.  Oh ya see the feathers in my hair.  I  am having so much fun with trend.  At work there is'nt one day that goes by that I dont put them in for clients.

  Ter and Gary graduated high school together.  Prett much known each other their whole lives.

Eddie and Felix.   I love these 2 .  They are both so Fun and Crazy.   We were pregnant at the same time with our toddlers.

Terry and his only brother Josh.  

I love love these two ladies .    Michelle is married to Gary and also graduated with Ter.  She has a high school daughter that has gone to school with Bo since pre-school.  Very Sweet person.  Eddie married a boy from our town just like me .  She is Super Sweet too. 

Me and my Brother in-law.  He is more like a Brother .  We are a few months apart.   Yes I am older and he never forgets it. 

She is so dang funny .  Here she trying to show us some scene from a movie where the guys says " Here little birdie Kaw KA kaw KA "

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