Sunday, June 5, 2011

" Fun Weekend "

My Sister and Brother .   My Bro lives 2 1/2  hours away so I don't get to see him as often as I would like to.   We had such a fun weekend visiting .  We had a barbeque then we went  down to a local dam to check out how high the water is rising.  Here in Idaho the melting snow is causing problems for people who live along the river .  They are having to put sand bags out on their yards .   Also we usually have the " Boat Regatta "  which is cancelled due to high waters.

Really can we ever take pictures without these ones.  We can never get on the same page. 

Have you seen these silly shoes ??
 I just dont know what to think of them.
 These are my Bro and Sis's  feet

My Boys.  They both have B-days
this month. 
 I am so proud of them . 
 They make my job
 as a Mom so easy.  I am really
enjoying the teenage years.

I thought this picture of them turned out super cute. 

On another note.  The Mama horse finally had her little baby.  He is so sweet.  I did'nt realize how gangly they look when they are little .  He has a really big head.

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