Sunday, February 19, 2012


 Today we took Hadyn to my  nieces Birthday party.  It was at  the bowling Alley.     She had so much fun.  For Christmas my MIL gave her a little plastic toy bowling set so she has been playing with that like crazy.  This is the first time we ever took her to bowl for real.  It was the cutest thing.

Yes I am not wearing any shoes.   I did'nt rent any because only the kids were  playing but she needed help . So off came my shoes.  I had heels on and no socks ;-)  This was alot of fun.  I am thinking maybe for Hades 3rd B-day going bowling.

My Hollywood Baby.  She wears her glasses everywhere. 

Keeping Score

This is my Aunt.  My moms sister.  Helping me with Rylan.  I love how he is just looking into her eyes.  So Cute.

My Niece.  She was being shy when we sang to her .  She just turned 6 years old. 

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