Friday, January 21, 2011

Its Friday , Teenagers in the House

The Friends came over to hang out. Clayton, Marcos, Treg, and Hadyn in this picture.They all are on the basketball team and football too. They are looking forward to track this year. Treg has never joined before so I am looking forward to it to. 

This is what I had for them to eat after school. Not one of them ate the bananas. I was'nt surprised.

Hadyn is so funny she wants to be right in the middle of the boys. They were trying to watch a movie and she kept bugging them. 

She loves Marcos. He is so nice to her . He carries her all over the place.

This is Bo's cat " Smokey" . Her mom died when she still had her eyes shut so he had to bottle feed her . She was a funny kitten she would wake up 3 times a night hungry and  so he had to get up and feed her a bottle then get up and go to school. He was so tired but he loved her .  He saved her life and she thinks Bo is her Mom. She does'nt care for anyone else in the family but  Bo. Here they are giving her some cat treats. Spoiled cat.

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