Friday, January 7, 2011

Guitar Lessons and Redneck Haircut

Here is another one of my  REDNECK ideas. Of course he needed a haircut at the last minute. I really thought this would work . Who knows what happened to my cape that was home. My poor family always gets neglected when it comes to haircuts. Its like nobody has time to come in to get it done .Then when I have time its after work and I just want to come home. Such a mean MOM..Maybe I can find them a hairdresser that will actually cut it when they want :))

Bo taught himself to play guitar when he was around 12. He has 3 guitars . Treg is sorta taking lessons. Please keep in mind that this is a teenage room and does'nt reflect on the rest of my house .

Ok so the other when Ter had Hadyn at one of the Farm Stores a guy said is your Wife Oriental or Chinese nationality cause your babies eyes. Ter laughed and laughed  mostly because we have had a few people ask us that. I am not which is even more funnier. My Grandpa had the almond shaped pointing down eyes. I love that she got that from my side of the family. In the next photo you can really see it.

I told her to say CHEESE .. And she said it ..So cute This day she turned 17 months old.

This picture is so sweet . I love her eyes here.She was around 11 months here.


  1. Oh she is such a cutie!! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You crack me up! A garbage bag? Its more funny that Bo is so huge and makes that garbage bag look like a ziplock sandwich bag LOL.

    Wish I would have had more time to hang with you and your fun family. Next time I come I hope I get a personal concert from Bo and Treg on the guitars. :)