Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not A Whole Lot Going On

This makes me smile . Hadyn is starting to be a copy cat. The boys were laying around after dinner  so she goes right over and lays down to. I love my Babies.

Here Bo is using his Sis's Dora blanket . Laughing at Hadyn beating up Treg ..

The boys got Ter this blow up hammer for X-mas and I dont know what Treg said to Hadyn but she did'nt like it much and took up after him with it. It was the funniest thing . What family sits around and watches the baby beat up the big brrother?? Ha HA We do :)

This Spidey chair I picked up at a yard sale for 5 bucks and she loves it. Bo is such a Great Big Brother. Here they were watching her favorite " Dora". Bo will sit with and watch the whole thing .He is very patient with her. That Dora is on my nerves man..

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