Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cheap Propel

I got 20 bottles of Propel for . 39 cents . Yup You read right. I will tell ya how. Read own further.

This is the Ad from Smith's advertising them for .49 each. Well I took it to Walmart and had them price match . Then I used the Peelies from the bottles that are $1.00 off 2 . So on sale for .49 cents each .That makes them
FREE !!!!!

So here it is 20 items for .39 .I had bought 20 more before this and I made sure they all had coupons on them so now with these 20 more I have enough coupon/peelies to go get 40 more bottles. They were all out and expecting a new shipment tomorrow. I WILL BUY MORE!!!  I am addicted to couponing. I will show my coupon binder / organizer in a few days. My friend at will be proud of me :)

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