Monday, February 14, 2011

"Happy Valentines to My Nutty Sis and Brother"

I am the Big Sister to these 2. I am so lucky. Some of my most favorite memories is with  these 2 , My Sister and My Brother. Like the time they ganged up on me and covered me with a blanket and laid on the blanket and would'nt let me out . Then when I got out from underneath the stupid thing they ran outta the house as fast as they could to the neighbors and called me from the neighborsb house to ask me if they come home am I GOING TO BEAT THEM UP !! Ha Ha .

This was taken in Christmas 2009.
 I am My Brothers Keeper (and Sarah's too)
I am so Grateful that I have them in my life.
I love them both so so much and there is not anything I would'nt
do for either one of them.
Happy Valentines to Bo and Sarah :)

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