Friday, February 25, 2011

"Dinner Date"

We snuck away from the kids.. My Mom called
and invited us to go out to dinner. It was so nice . I really needed it.
We went to a local place then we went into the nearest town to do a little shopping.

Does'nt this look great. It hit the spot. I was craving crab legs. Plus we got a huge salad bar with it ..

Mom and Ed

We stopped at Barnes and Noble on the way home. I could stay
in this store forever.

It has  been snowing all day. I AM SO OVER WINTER !!

I really have to cut  down on Pop. I am so so bad about drinking way to much of it.
Also they say diet is worse. I seriously dont think I can go 2 hours without having one. Not Good in the good department !!

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  1. Yes I am definately going to agree with you about being soooo over winter :)!