Monday, February 7, 2011

"UFC Fight Night"

Her we are getting ready to watch the fights. But let me tell you I was so disappointed this time. Nothing really great this time. Kinda like they were afraid to really make any big punches or knockouts. Its ok I am a fan for life anyways.. They are Lucky.

Me and My Sister AKA Nut Bag

She is so stinking Cute !!

Treg and Clayton. I thought it was funny how they are sitting the same . The little turkeys were tired because they did'nt go to sleep till 4:30 the night before.


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  1. Kinda glad to hear that the fights were not that great. We went to a party to watch em but then had to split early so we only saw the first one. Boo.

    Score on the Propel! I need to get better at my couponing. I have been doing it for a few months now just barely worked my way up to the binder :) I'd love to read more about your couponing adventures. LOVE YOUR BLOG!