Thursday, February 10, 2011

" My Baby Wears Curlers"

She is so sweet . She lets me comb her her all the time and never makes a fuss. She has lots of natural curl but I wanted to see how it looked if I rolled it. I was'nt to impressed with the results , but while she was wearing them she sure did look CUTE !!
On another note I am feeling so sad for her. She is sick. The last couple of days she has a fever off and on and a stuffed nose . The poor little thing can't breath and she has no appetite. We took her to th Dr. this morning and said her lungs sound ok so he thinks probable a virus he then gave her a prescription for some de-congestion meds but when I went to 2 different pharmacys they both said they were out. So I have no idea I guess I will rub baby vicks on her and run the vaporizer. I will call the Dr. in the morning and see what else he says. I hate having a sick baby . It breaks my heart.


  1. Oh she is cute! I use to wear curlers like that!

  2. Ok is makes me laugh because I remember my mom always having to hold me down to put one curler in my bangs! I am surprised she lets you do her whole head in curlers ha!